Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gastric Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is very prevalent around the world and many of those individuals who are obese would like to lose their excess weight. Being obese puts them in a higher risk category for a number of serious health problems such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even cancer. Most obese people find their way of life is not what they would like it to be. They are unable to get out and enjoy life and can not participate in many activities they would like to participate in. They are ready to make a positive change. Thanks to modern medical advancements, there is a way to turn these wishes into a reality.

There is a surgery that can help those who are obese and who want to lose the weight. This surgery is gastric weight loss surgery and it has helped many people lose up to 80% of their body weight. To decide if this surgical procedure is for you, talk to your physician. He or she can tell you whether or not gastric bypass surgery is an available option for your particular circumstances. They will take into consideration your health, your size and your mental condition before deciding whether or not your are physically and mentally ready for this type of surgery.

Once you and your doctor decide on the surgery, you will then get booked for the surgery process. The process of gastric weight loss surgery makes the stomach smaller and causes the food to bypass the small intestine. This greatly reduces the amount of food your stomach is able to hold and the calories that your body consumes. This results in your losing weight and keeping the weight off. The surgery will be done by making either a large incision or a small incision depending on the type of gastric weight loss surgery done. Recovery time will be several weeks, and getting back into your normal routine will not take you that long.

Like all surgeries there are risks to gastric weight loss surgery. Some of the risks include infection, blood clots, gallstones, leaking from the stomach, anemia and osteoporosis. There are also risks during surgery like allergies to the anesthetic. Even with all the risks, the death rate is very low when it comes to gastric bypass surgery. Less than ten people out of one thousand die from gastric weight loss surgery or its complications. You and your doctor can discuss the procedure further and decide if the weight loss is worth the risks involved in your particular medical circumstances.

People who have successful gastric weight loss surgery find themselves losing weight and feeling better very quickly. Many individuals experience major weight loss within only a few months of having the surgery. Within a year most people who follow their recovery diet and exercise program have lost a significant amount of weight and accomplished their weight loss goals. By this time most patients find many positive things have happened to their bodies.

First and foremost, they have decreased their chances of death just by losing the weight. Also, hypertension is reduced, cancer risk is reduced and those with diabetes find themselves either free of this serious medical problem, or at least at a lower risk level for complications. There are also a number of other medical issues that are solved solely because the excess weight is gone.

Even though it is a positive thing, losing weight is mentally trying on some individuals. It is hard for them to deal with the lifestyle changes they have been forced to make, especially concerning their diet. For this reason it is always a good idea for these patients to join a support group of some kind. If you have been thinking about making a positive move, make an appointment today to talk to your physician about the possibility of gastric weight loss surgery.

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